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Will Writing Subscriptions

The Damsons Will Subscription Plan is a revolutionary new way for you to write and keep up-to-date a legally binding and accurate Will.

Online access to your Will where you can make changes whenever you like.

Unlimited changes to your Will.

One professional, premium print of your Will per year.

An annual telephone review of your Will with our professional Will writers.

Storage of your Will in our secure, military-grade safes.

Advice on all future planning services including planning for a funeral, probate, estate administration, and setting up trusts.

Peace of mind knowing that we'll always be around to make sure your Will is up-to-date and legally accurate.


For just £90 for the first year and £7.50 per month thereafter, you'll gain access to our team of professional Will writing experts who hold the accolade of writing over 30,000 Wills.

Our team will not only professionally write your Will, but we'll also print and store your Will in our secure storage facility. Better yet, while subscribed to our service, you get to make unlimited changes to your Will. This means you can call us any time, and we'll make all the necessary amends you may need.

As a subscriber, you will gain exclusive access to an online account area where you can view, edit and download your Will at any time.

Reinventing how you write your Will

What makes our subscription plan special is that across the whole year, you get a professionally written and legally checked Will with unlimited updates and changes for only £90; a fraction of the price you would expect to spend if you went to a solicitor or using an alternative online Will writing service.

You also get exclusive access to a professional Will writing team who'll give you no-obligation advice on all other future planning services including planning for a funeral, probate, estate administration, and setting up trusts.

How does it work?

When you start your subscription plan, our professional Will writers will give you a call at your convenience to start the Will writing process. You don't need to write your Will straight away, and the process can be split across multiple phone calls. As a subscriber, you're able to pick up the phone and make changes whenever you need to.

Once you've completed your Will, you'll have the option to either have an electronic copy sent to your email address or have a free premium quality print created and shipped to your address.

Compare Plans

Damsons Will Subscription Plan - Single & Mirror Damsons Will - Single Damsons Will - Mirror
Professionally Checked Will Included £69.99 £99.99
Unlimited Will changes Yes No No
Premium Print Services Included £29.99 £49.99
Digital version of Will sent to email Yes Yes Yes
Will storage Included £14.99 (per year) £14.99 (per year)
Online access to Will Yes No No
Advice on funeral planning services Yes Yes Yes
Total £90 + £7.50 per month £114.97 £164.97

Single Will

With all upgrades, includes: Professionally Checked Will Professional Print Will Storage Funeral Planning Advice

at a cost of

Mirror Will

With all upgrades, includes: Professionally Checked Will Professional Print Will Storage Funeral Planning Advice

at a cost of

Subscription Plan

Includes: Professionally Checked Will Unlimited Will changes Professional Print Digital version of Will sent to email Will Storage Online access to Will Funeral Planning Advice

at a cost of
£90 + £7.50 per month

What else is included?

Will Storage

Your subscription also includes lifetime Will storage in our secure facility. When you receive your Will (either digitally or via the post), all you need to do is obtain all the necessary signatures and post it back to our office. We store all Wills in military-grade safes which are both water and fireproof.

If you're not ready to have your Will printed and there are certain parts you want to change without talking to our Will writing team, you are also able to view and make edits to your Will online.

Online access

One of the main benefits of our subscription service is that you get full online access to your Will where you can review, edit and download new copies of your Will as you wish.

Please be aware that any changes you make to your Will online may invalidate your Will and not make it legally binding. If you're unsure whether the changes you make are legally correct, you'll need to get in touch with our Will writing team to check.

Annual Will checkup call

Finally, as part of the subscription package, you'll get one annual courtesy telephone call from our professional Will writing team. We'll give you a call and ask if your Will is still up to date and whether any significant circumstances have occurred which may require you to alter parts of your Will.

What do you pay?

Whether you need a single or a mirror Will, all you'll pay is £90 followed for the first year followed by £7.50 per month.

To cancel your subscription, all you need to do is give our team a call, and they'll take you through the cancellation process. After your first 12 months, you'll enter into a rolling contract (£7.50 per month) where you can cancel any time. To put our price into perspective, here is a comparison table for you to see how the Damsons subscription plan stacks up against our other Will writing services.

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