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Wills: What You Need To Know

Five key reasons to write one important document

You need to write a will. This Damsons guide explains why will writing is crucial and how we can help you write your will.

For many of us, writing a will is the last thing on our minds. After all, isn’t writing a death-related document the most depressing chore imaginable?

Let us dispel a myth: will writing isn’t a dull, laborious or gloomy process. It’s a task that can be completed in a matter of minutes – and one that can actually prove to be surprisingly uplifting.

Completing a will never as painful or difficult as you might think. Once it’s done, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your assets will be distributed to the right people. If you want your posthumous wishes to be honoured, they must be put in print.

Writing a will is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. If you haven’t written one yet, here are a few reasons to get started:

Give your children the chance to grow up under great guardians

If you have young children, they will need a guardian in the event of your death. Only you know the best place for them to grow up and which people will make the most loving custodians. In your will, you can underline who you want to take care of your kids if you pass away, giving them the support and guidance they need when you’re gone.

Choose who’ll handle your affairs

After you pass away, there’ll often be a lot of threads left hanging – from the money in your bank account to the possessions in your name. All your assets need to be managed and handled appropriately in the event of your death, and in your will you can choose a specific person (or group of people) – who you trust and respect – to be the executor of your estate. This executor will study your will and follow any instructions you have made, ensuring all your wishes are honoured.

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Be Remembered In The Right Way

We have no real control over when our fateful final day will arrive, but this needn’t be an unsettling thought. In fact, you can use it as motivation to write your will and make sure the final celebration of your life – your funeral – is a memorable one that accurately reflects you as a person.

In your will, you can outline your desire for your funeral, tailoring it so your own unique personality is apparent throughout the ceremony. By stating your funeral wishes in a will, you can go out on your own terms and be remembered for the person you truly are.

Stop Money Problems Before They Start

Money makes the world go around, but it can also bring out the worst in people. When people pass away, they may forget to name an inheritor to their finances, leaving loved ones to squabble over who deserves the leftover money. These kinds of arguments have the potential to tear families apart and destroy friendships forever. However, by writing a will, you can stop money problems in the wake of your death before they even begin.

A will allows you to legally delineate where you’d like your financial assets to be distributed when you pass away. Failure to write a will may mean your money ends up in the hands of the wrong people, with your family/friends left arguing over who should receive the remainder. Stop money problems before they start by writing a will today.

Help Your Loved Ones Live Their Lives Without You…

When you pass away, your family and friends will still be here attempting to adjust to life without you. In a will, you can leave your loved ones whatever you desire – from a heartfelt statement bidding them goodbye to a selection of your most treasured possessions.

A written will ensures the people in your life are given the things you want them to have. It can act as the last goodbye, helping your loved ones learn how to live their lives without you. For your family and friends, a will offers closure. You are gone, but the memory of you will live on forever.

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