Trusts with Damsons

Allocating your assets to who you like, how you like

  • Guarantee the safety and protection of your assets
  • Pass your possessions on to whoever you wish in any specific way you like
  • Stop your assets from being used in undesirable ways
  • Help your loved ones make the most of their inheritance
  • Enjoy knowing your assets will go exactly where you want them to after you’re gone

How can a Trust help make life and death easier?

The truth is that money causes complications. Extracting money from an estate and allocating it correctly can prove troublesome when the right procedures aren’t in place. This is why many people choose to put their assets (money, investments, land or property) into a trust.

With a trust, you can create specific rules and regulations about how your assets will be distributed. For example, you can place money for your children in a trust ready for when they turn 18. This means they’ll only be able to access the money when they reach this age. Similarly, you can set up a trust that drip feeds money to a particular person, ensuring they receive a regular income long after you’re gone.

You can distribute your possessions and property through a written Will, but a trust may be more appropriate if you have a complicated asset situation and/or complex requirements.

Some of the benefits of having a trust with Damsons include:

  • Organised distribution of assets
  • Freedom to distribute assets any way you like
  • Having assets placed in hands of a professional
  • Tax savings
  • Having assets protected from debt collection

Although setting up a Trust can do a world of good, setting up and managing one can result in a considerably large amount of work. We can help you and your loved ones manage this work in a number of ways, contact our Customer Support department on 0800 088 4670* for more information.

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