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Probate with Damsons

Probate is the authority that an executor must have before they can begin carrying out the wishes stated in somebody's Will after they have passed away.

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Applying for Probate

An executor is the person who has been named in a Will as the individual responsible for carrying out the wishes within. If you have been appointed as an executor, you must first apply for a Grant of Probate, it is needed so that you can begin carrying out the wishes stated in the Will.

Without proof of probate you will not have the authority to deal with most financial organisations.

The probate process can become complex and time consuming, therefore we recommend that you seek advice and guidance so that you are fully prepared for all that is involved.

Did you know? Probate is the same for everyone in England. Wales and Northern Ireland, but if you live in Scotland, it's called 'confirmation'.

Advice and Support

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What does the process of Probate involve?

Gathering assets, for example money left in the bank

Paying any bills and/or taxes

Distributing the remaining assets according to the Will

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