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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Loved Ones Memories Alive

Losing a loved one is a tragic and devastating life experience and those first anniversaries are the hardest but there are ways to keep their memory alive and make those days a little bit easier.

When you’ve lost a loved one the hardest moments often come with those first anniversaries whether birthdays, Christmas or Easter it’s always going to be difficult. Those were the times that you got together, celebrated and created happy memories but once they’re gone those days often become painful memories.

Although difficult, anniversaries can become meaningful to you and a beautiful tribute to your loved ones. Instead of mourning your loved one you can use those first anniversaries to cherishing their memories, their small quirks and their personality. Instead of dedicating a day to grieving, dedicate it to a day of memories. There are many simple yet touching ways to keep your loved ones memories alive and below are a few suggestion.

Family Get Together

Anything can spark the memory of a loved one, it’s often the little things that resonate with a moment you shared with them. Whether it’s when you laughed with them or even cried with them. It’s the little things that can bring you happiness, despite them not being there.

Simply having everyone around you can evoke those emotions and especially their memory. Having a dinner party with friends and family whilst eating copious amounts of food is can alleviate your pain. Together you can provide support to one another, to share stories and to comfort one another. Together you can cherish their life rather than mourn their death.

Naturally the day won’t be easy however the support of others is crucial especially at such a difficult time. It gives you the time to reflect on the year and to express your grief, anxieties and in some cases depression. Not only that but you’ll also have mutual understanding with other which makes it a lot easier to converse with others who share your views and emotions. While it’s only a small gesture to sit down and share a meal with your loved ones, it’s one that can be highly consoling.

Visiting Your Loved One

It’s a strange notion to suggest visiting your loved one when they have passed however going to where they have been laid can be soothing to the soul. Having a place to visit keeps a physical attachment to the world and somewhere you can feel connected to your loved one.

Although it may be a difficult place to visit it can also be comforting. You have somewhere you can speak to them and to lay something special for them. While talking to your loved one, for others this may be silly but it keeps their presence in your life. That ability to feel they can hear you or are with you doesn’t always have to be a spiritual belief but it can be something you find eminence in.

Ticking Everything Off The List

As silly as it seems, completing a person’s bucket list is a massive accolade to their memory. Taking on such a task not only gives you a goal or a challenge it can help be happier and be a part of their passions.

Giving yourself the chance to complete and carry on their dreams can bring you solace whilst grieving. It could even help you overcome your grief as it gives you purpose and energy to get out of bed each day.

Not only are you commemorating their memory you’re also going out and seeing the world and interacting with others. Although you are living through their death that doesn’t mean you can’t live yourself.

Creating A Lasting Legacy

Whether to mark a year or to commemorate a special anniversary, creating a memorial can be highly consoling. Typical legacies that are chosen are trees or benches or even plaques that are placed in beautiful places. Memorials give a people a place to visit to sit and remember a person’s memory.

You could also create a lasting legacy by raising money for a specific charity or even start a charity. You could create a special memorial that represents their passions or you could release lanterns each year on that anniversary. The choice is yours and it’s one that resonates with you on a personal level.

Special Tributes


Creating a unique tribute can highlight your connection, your love for them and create a beautiful lasting dedication. Anniversaries are a perfect time to create such tributes, you’ve had time to think about a suitable and fitting tribute to their memory and to yourself.

One very permanent option is a tattoo and if crafted rightly they can be a beautiful reminder. Whether they express a certain reassuring phrase, a note in their handwriting or even a tattoo of them. A tattoo is something that evokes a memory every time you see the image or writing.

You could even turn an old voice recording turned into a piece of art that depicts their voice. It’s both unique and beautiful which can then be displayed around your home. The recording is not just a final dedication to their memory but their physical presence also. For a small child you could turn an item of their clothing into a toy or blanket. It’s a small keepsake that is memorable and as they get older it’s something they can cherish.  

To create a more lasting memorial you could have their ashes compressed into jewellery or their fingerprint transferred onto jewellery. Having such testaments allows you to carry some part or your family or friend with you.


There are so many ways to keep a loved ones memories alive by creating a touching, memorable and beautiful accolade. Especially at great times of difficultly having support or something to remember them by can make anniversaries easier when they come along.

Naturally no matter how much you prepare or how many people you surround yourself with, those days are going to be hard. Death is a harrowing and brutal life experience that we incur but finding a tiny bit of solace can make the day easier.

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