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Make Your Life Colourful

While life has its many ups and downs there are always adventurous and loving memories that we fondly look back on as we get older. Here are a few suggestions to make your life more colourful.

Today is last day the Holi festival, a Hindu tradition that is primarily celebrated in Nepal and India known as the ‘festival of love’ or ‘festival of colours.’ No matter its name, the festival has the same message, one which shows us we should celebrate life with your family with as much colour and happiness as possible.

While life has its many ups and downs there are always adventurous and loving memories that we fondly look back on as we get older. Whether that means you travel to Nepal to launch colour in the air or you stay at home and have your little one get creative with paint and paper. It’s how you look upon those moments that truly make them special.

Life can be as colourful as you want, we’ve compiled a few suggestions to make your life or year as colourful and memorable as the Holi Festival.

Give Blood 

Giving blood is a small act that has the biggest impact on another. Donating something as precious as blood gives you the opportunity to save another person’s life. It’s something that you can look back on and say you’ve done it, you helped out those in need.

Happiness in life doesn’t always materialise from actions that benefit yourself, often it’s the selfless acts that truly make us happy. Knowing we’ve done something that could help others is one of life’s perks that only we can make happen. Plus you can also use this experience to overcome your fears of needles or blood, if you have such phobias that is.

Do Something Unexpected

Be spontaneous. Surprise those around you by doing the abnormal. Why not attend a belly dancing class or go indoor skydiving? Why not be more adventurous and do an outdoor skydiving? Of course you can do something tamer, you could organise a paintballing session or go to a unique event in your area.

There are so many adventurous and exciting activities that you can get involved with. It might be something you’ve always wanted to do or something completely out of character, either way do it.

“You’ve only got one life but if you do it right, once is enough” – Mae West

Plan a Trip of a Lifetime

For most people they have a bucket list, a list compiled of places and things they want to do, so why not plan them? Why keep it a dream?

If you’re serious about this you should begin by planning everything out. Get the brochures for your desired destination, pick the hotel, travel and outline everything you want to do.

Even if you can’t afford it at that moment in time, simply planning it can inflate your mood and it may even encourage you to save and make it a reality. Plan to see the Northern Lights, get ready for that shopping spree in New York or buy those hiking boots for a trek up Everest. As they say, the world is you oyster.

Host a Dinner Party

Most of our memories derive from times shared with our loved ones, especially at holidays and events when you all get together. Hosting a dinner party gives you the perfect excuse to have an evening with those you hold close. Why not become the Michelin star chef that lives within you or one you think you are anyway.

Whether a successful cook or champion of spaghetti hoops it doesn’t matter. What’s really important is having your loved ones around you and that you’re having fun. Something simple such as a meal could be the boost of happiness that breaks up the week and one that gives you a night that you can fondly look back on.

Get a Pet

It’s surprising how much comfort a pet can bring. Their excitable demeanour, cute quirks and soft fur can bring immense happiness and joy to a home.

They are often the source of much entertainment and you don’t have to get a huge animal either, gerbils, hamsters or birds can be just as comforting.

Travel & Experience the World

There is so much to see in the world and while the TV can show you it, it cannot give you the experience. Take the time to learn about new cultures, embrace different lifestyles and see the renowned sights of the world.

Experiences are what make life fun and interesting. Not only do you embrace other atmospheres you also get to see how you fit into such a life. You never know, it may encourage you live abroad for a few months or years depending on how adventurous you are.

Make life an adventure and not a dream, give yourself the memories to look back on and smile.

Take up a New Hobby or Sport

There are all manner of sports and hobbies that exist, it’s a pastime that a person finds both therapeutic. Whether it’s becoming the king or queen of crafts, a builder of intricate designs that refine your skills and expertise. Not only is it therapeutic but it’s also something that you can proudly showcase to your loved ones.

Besides crafts you could get your adrenaline pumping with a new sport. It can be combat focused such as boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu or fencing or it can be more delicate like yoga or dance. There is a huge range of sports out there. Exercise, no matter how strenuous, is healthy not just to the body but to the mind also.

Scientists have found that exercise releases endorphin’s which propel positivity and happiness, the main component to a good life.

Conquer Your Biggest Fear

Everyone has a fear whether its bugs, heights, water or the dark, it’s a phobia that frightens you and one that can hold you back.

Fear is a person’s kryptonite, it can stop you from doing all manner of things whether social outings or visiting certain places.

Conquering your fear rather than let it control you. Take a deep breath and do what you fear the most. It can be quite liberating to defeat the thing that holds you back.



“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” – Paulo Coelho

There are many excuses not to do something but when it comes to the end it’s those excuses that you come to regret the most.

Make a life that’s memorable, one that can be celebrated and cherished by your loved ones. A life that can be celebrated.

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