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The choice for those with larger families.

Plan includes all the basics plus a limousine, a high quality coffin and Minister or Celebrant fees.


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Basic funeral costs and £1,000 allowance towards 3rd party fees. Also includes limousine to transport your loved ones, four bearers and a quality coffin.


Covers all Funeral Directors professional fees and services plus provision of a hearse and bereavement counselling.


The basic costs of a traditional Funeral.
Does not include hearse, Pallbearers or service at a Crematorium or Cemetery.

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All the Funeral Directors professional fees and services
The care and preparation of the deceased prior to cremation or burial
Collection of the deceased within a 50-mile radius Nationwide
Transport of the deceased to a suitable resting place within mainland UK
Advice ∓ guidance on all aspects of the funeral arrangements including the certification and registration of the death
Family visits to the Chapel of Rest at a mutually agreed time
Funeral procession from the Chapel of Rest to local Crematorium or Cemetery
Funeral time and date mutually agreed between the Funeral Director & next of kin
A fully fitted coffin with handles and a personalised name plate Basic veneered Basic veneered Quality veneered High Quality veneered
Conductor and Pallbearers on the day of the funeral (4)
Limousines to follow the funeral procession
Provision of a hearse for the funeral procession
Service at a Crematorium or Cemetery
Confidential advice concerning bereavement counselling via the Funeral Director
Allowance towards 3rd Party Fees (see below) Inclusive Not Included £1,000 Allowance £1,000 Allowance
Fees payable to doctors or a Coroner for the issue of a death or cremation medical certificates, or Coroners certificates
Cremation / Burial fees
Minister or Celebrant fees to perform the service at the Crematorium / Cemetery / Graveside

How to Pick the Perfect Pre-Paid Package

Choosing the ideal pre-paid funeral plan doesn’t always feel like such an easy task. Here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction.

Do funeral plans make you feel out of your depth?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

We’ve put together a guide to help you select a funeral plan that’s right for you. All it comes down to is determining your own personal needs and understanding what’s best for your situation.

Picking the right funeral plan involves giving consideration to a number of factors including your budget, the type of coffin you desire and also the size of your family.

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Remember, every Damsons funeral plan from the Ceremonial plan upwards, comes with:
  • Arranging all necessary funeral preparations
  • Taking care of the funeral directors’ professional services
  • Removal of the deceased to a funeral directors’ premises
  • Preparation and care of the deceased prior to the funeral
  • Use of the chapel of rest for viewing arrangement
  • The attendance of the conductor and bearers
  • All funeral staff which are required


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A big factor in your choice of funeral plan will be the amount you can afford to pay.

Our plan pricing structure is as follows:

Simple – Available from £1,759
Ceremonial – Available from £2,395
Traditional – Available from £3,475
Royal – Available from £3,745

Premium Plans

We also have the following premium plans. For more information on these plans, call us 0800 088 4670.

Imperial - Available from £4,045
Majestic - Available from £4,945

You can pay for a funeral plan in two different ways – either in one lump sum up front or over several months. Our instalment payment options are:

12 Months (1 Year) – Interest Free
36 Months (3 Years)
60 Months (5 Years)
120 Months (10 Years)
180 Months (15 Years)

All our funeral plans – except Ceremonial – also include 3rd Party Fees (up to £1000). These are the fees paid to ministers, cremators and doctors. If a loved one is due to conduct your ceremony and you know the person due to handle the burial/cremation, the Ceremonial plan is the best choice for you. This funeral plan and is ideal for anyone who has already arranged their 3rd Party Fees separately (as these fees do not fall under the Ceremonial price). 3rd Party Fees are also covered by our more comprehensive funeral plans: Traditional, Royal, Imperial and Majestic.

It’s important not to overreach when you purchase a funeral plan. The Damsons team can examine your budget with you and help determine which type of package you can realistically afford. If you need to upgrade/downgrade your funeral plan at any time, you’re free to do so. Just get in touch with us and we’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments.

You can read more about 3rd Party Fees and other funeral plan figures in our Funeral Plan Costs, Prices & Payments guide.


image of a coffin

Have you ever thought about your coffin before?

It might sound like a peculiar question, but your final resting place is actually something worth serious consideration. After all, your coffin is your final image: the last time people will see you.

With a funeral plan, you can pick out the coffin design that appeals to you. There are three options to choose from: a lined & fitted standard veneer coffin, a quality veneer coffin, and a high quality veneer coffin. All of these options come with an attached nameplate and interior lining to enhance the visual appeal.

Lined & Fitted Basic veneer (Available with Simple and Ceremonial)

A lined & fitted basic veneer coffin comes with our two cheaper funeral plans. These are simple designs constructed with thin lines of wood, complete with a soft interior. Some people prefer a subtle coffin, and the Simple and Ceremonial plans offer just that.

Quality Veneer (Available with Traditional)

A coffin with a quality wood veneered finish is available with the Traditional plan. The design represents a step up from the basic veneer coffins in the Simple and Ceremonial plans, sporting a smoother, slicker surface and a high-status-like appearance.

High Quality Veneer (Available with Royal)

The classiest coffin available is the high quality veneer coffin. Those who purchase the Royal plan and above are entitled to this prestigious resting place.

Remember to give some serious thought to design of your coffin. Once you’ve decided the right final resting place for you, you can use this information to help steer yourself in the direction of a suitable funeral plan.


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It’s impossible to know exactly how many people will attend your funeral, but making an educated guess based on the size of your family and circle of friends can help you to pick the right type of funeral plan.

If you have a small family and tight group of close-knit friends, it may be worth opting for the Simple or Ceremonial packages. Both of these funeral plans will cater perfectly for smaller crowds. If you belong to an extended family, you ought to consider the Traditional plan. This package is more appropriate for larger funerals, with a limousine and two extra bearers included. However, if you have a sizable immediate and extended family (as well as a particularly wide circle of friends), the Royal package is the finest choice. This premium funeral plan provides four bearers and a limousine, easing accessibility for higher numbers of people.

Funeral Plans: All Your Questions Answered

It can be easy to feel confused by Funeral Plan figures. In this FAQ section, we explain everything you need to know about Funeral Plan prices, payment procedures and costs in layman's terms.

Monthly Instalment Options


per month

Number of Months Deposit Amount per Month Total Interest added Total Payable
12 (1 Year) £200 £132.92 £0 £1,795
36 (3 Years) £200 £52.15 £282.32 £2,077.32
60 (5 Years) £200 £34.43 £470.53 £2265.53
120 (10 Years) £200 £21.13 £941.05 £2,736.05
180 (15 Years) £200 £16.70 £1,411.58 £3,206.58


per month

Number of Months Deposit Amount per Month Total Interest added Total Payable
12 (1 Year) £200 £182.92 £0 £2,395
36 (3 Years) £200 £71.76 £388.52 £2,783.52
60 (5 Years) £200 £47.38 £647.53 £3,042.53
120 (10 Years) £200 £29.08 £1,295.05 £3,690.05
180 (15 Years) £200 £22.99 £1,942.58 £4,337.58


per month

Number of Months Deposit Amount per Month Total Interest added Total Payable
12 (1 Year) £200 £272.92 £0 £3,475
36 (3 Years) £200 £107.07 £579.68 £4,054.68
60 (5 Years) £200 £70.69 £966,13 £4,441.13
120 (10 Years) £200 £43.39 £1,932.25 £5,407.25
180 (15 Years) £200 £34.30 £2,898.38 £6,373.38


per month

Number of Months Deposit Amount per Month Total Interest added Total Payable
12 (1 Year) £200 £295.42 £0 £3,745
36 (3 Years) £200 £115.90 £627.47 £4,372.47
60 (5 Years) £200 £76.51 £1,045.78 £4,790.78
120 (10 Years) £200 £46.97 £2,091.55 £5,836.55
180 (15 Years) £200 £37.12 £3,137.33 £6,882.33

What Do All The Different Costs Mean?

Before you pick a funeral plan, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re paying for. Listed below are some of the costs and fees you’ll come across.


Every funeral plan requires you to place down an initial deposit. This will lock the funeral plan fees in place, meaning you will never have to pay any additional money if the prices increase in the future.

At Damsons, you can make put down a deposit for as little as £200. Take note that the higher deposit you pay up front, the lower your monthly funeral plan payment fees will be.

3rd Party Fees

“3rd party fees” play a prominent role in funeral plans. Simply put, 3rd party fees are charges made to individuals/organisations outside of the funeral plan agreement – such as doctors, cremators, morticians and ministers. Our Simple, Traditional and Royal plans cover 3rd party fees, meaning all the doctor/minister/cremator/burial charges are taken care of for you.

Our Ceremonial plan remains one of the cheaper funeral plan options up front, but does not include 3rd party fees. This means you will have to arrange to pay these individuals/organisations yourself at a later, or ask your family to pay them for you when you pass away.

Funeral Director Fees

Funeral director fees are required for all funeral plans. Whilst these charges do not fall under the banner of 3rd Party Fees, they are covered in every one of our plans: you’ll never have to pay any extra for them.

With Damsons, typical funeral director tasks such as collecting/preparing/delivering the deceased, arranging burial procedures and booking transportation (hearse) are all paid for no matter which funeral plan you purchase.

Hidden Costs

There aren’t any. It’s as simple as that. Damsons Funeral Plan costs are completely transparent. We’ll explicitly lay out all your funeral plan fees from the very beginning to ensure you never have to stretch your budget.

How Can I Pay?

You can pay for your funeral plan in two different ways - either in one lump sum or over several years.

One Lump Sum

By paying in one “lump sum”, all your funeral plan costs are covered. That’s it. Everything is paid for and you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll never have to make another contribution to your funeral.


Paying for your whole funeral plan up front is not something everyone can afford to do, which is why we’ve set up a system which allows customers to pay in instalments. You can also choose the period over which you’d like to make your payments: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 years.

It all depends on whether you want to get your charges out of the way as quickly as possible. No interest is charged on funeral plans which are purchased straight away or over a period of 1 year. If you pay for your plan over 3 years + then you will be charged interest at a flat rate of 5.9%.

To help you understand these charges, we’ve put together price tables for all our funeral plans (based on the recommended deposit of £200).

What Else Do I Need To Know?

If you pass away before your plan is paid off, decide to cancel your plan with Damsons, or want to purchase a plan on behalf of someone else, you/your loved ones will need to be aware of the following information.

What happens if I die before the plan is paid off?

If you pass away before you have the chance to finish paying off your plan, the person arranging your funeral will be left with two choices: Either they can pay the outstanding balance or cancel the plan completely.

No interest is charged on plans paid over 1 year, so the outstanding balance is calculated by subtracting whatever amount you’ve paid off from the plan’s total price up to this point. For example, if you bought a Traditional funeral plan at £3,475 and had paid off £2,475 of this already before you die (via deposit and monthly instalments), then the person in charge of your funeral will need to pay £1000 for the plan to be valid.

When you’ve chosen to pay for your plan over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years, 5.9% APR interest is added on to these funeral plans. To understand the outstanding balance, we determine how much has been paid off already and subtract this figure from the original price of the plan. We then add the interest on top of this figure. (Interest is calculated from the moment the plan was first purchased to the point where the plan owner passed away).

Is there a cancellation fee?

If you (or someone acting on your behalf) decide to cancel your funeral plan, Damsons must be contacted as soon as possible. Our staff will be able to tell you how the cancellation procedure works.

If you cancel your plan within 14 days of first purchasing it, you will be fully refunded and receive no charge. Please bear in mind that the cancellation procedure may take several days, so if you’re looking to cancel your plan you will need to contact Damsons as soon as you can.

Can I purchase a plan on behalf of someone else?


Just let us know when you sign up and we’ll be able to process all the paperwork accordingly.