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Flexible Funeral Plans from 93p per day

Manage your future and get a service that reflects your personality

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The choice for those with larger families. Plan includes all the basics plus a limousine, a high quality coffin and Minister or Celebrant fees.

From £37.12 per month

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Basic funeral costs and £1,000 allowance towards 3rd party fees. Also includes limousine to transport your loved ones, four bearers and a quality coffin.

From £34.30 per month

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Covers all Funeral Directors professional fees and services plus provision of a hearse and bereavement counselling.

From £22.99 per month

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The basic costs of a traditional funeral. Does not include 3rd party fees.

From £16.70 per month

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Funeral Plans to suit your taste and your pocket

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Why do I need a funeral plan?

The truth is, you’ll struggle without one. Even if you have money saved up on the side for when your time comes, paying for a funeral in modern-day Britain is extremely difficult and stressful when you don’t have a pre-paid funeral plan in place.

The cost of dying in the UK is rising by the day, with figures reaching nearly £9,000 in 2016. These price rises show no signs of slowing down, with costs set to climb even further in the coming years.

A pre-paid funeral plan can protect you and your loved ones from having to pay enourmous fees for your end of life ceremony. As soon as you sign on the dotted line for a funeral plan with Damsons, the price you were quoted is immediately locked. No matter what happens from that point forward, your costs will remain the same.

Every Damsons funeral plan comes with...

Arranging all necessary funeral preparations
Preparation and care of the deceased prior to the funeral
Removal of the deceased to a funeral directors' premises
Taking care of the funeral directors' professional services
Use of the chapel of rest for viewing arrangements
Attendance of the conductor, bearers and funeral staff
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Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Plans

What is a Funeral Plan?

A Funeral Plan is a way of arranging your funeral in advance and paying for it at today’s prices. They will also ensure your funeral accurately reflects your wishes. It protects your estate and your loved ones financially as they will not have to find the money to pay for your funeral. In addition, a plan takes away the stress of arranging a funeral at what will already be a difficult and emotional time.

What if I change my mind?

If you wish to cancel your Funeral Plan within 28 days of the policy start date, you will receive a full refund. If you have paid by a one-off payment or monthly instalments, cancelling after this period will allow you to receive a refund but you will be liable to pay a cancellation charge of £395.

What if I move to a different area?

You can take your plan with you. Remember to let us know your change of address (this must be done in writing) and if necessary, we will assign a new Funeral Director to conduct the funeral. If you let us know before the time of need there will be nothing additional to pay, but if this is done at the time of need then a Preferred Funeral Director fee may apply.

Why should I take out a Funeral Plan?

Taking out Life Insurance or using savings to pay for a funeral can seem like a good idea; however life insurances can take a while to pay out after the time of death, meaning your family may not be able to afford the funeral at the time. And, remember, if you take out a Funeral Plan you avoid future price rises by freezing the cost and paying for it in advance at today’s prices.

What happens if I die before paying all of my monthly instalments?

If you pass away before all of your instalments are paid, then the remaining balance will be requested from your family or your estate. If your family would like your plan to be cancelled, then any money that has been paid minus a cancellation charge of £395 will be refunded. If you chose to pay by fixed monthly payments and make payments for more than two years before you pass away, your funeral will be paid for in full.

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