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Estate Administration

Your assets in the hands of specialists

Guarantee your estate is handled professionally and compassionately

Pass on any information to our executors and we'll ensure your demands are met

Stop family members from suffering the stress that comes with estate admin

Help your loved ones during a difficult time by taking the estate off their hands

Enjoy your estate receiving the best possible care and management

Don't know where to start? We can help.

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Do you need Estate Management?

Your estate is everything that belongs to you: your home, your money, your possessions, your accounts. All of these assets have to go somewhere when you pass away, and by writing a Will and/or setting up a Trust, you can determine exactly which bits of your estate go where.

But of course, there needs to be someone to supervise the allocation of your assets, someone who will "execute" the Will correctly (known as the "executor") and ensure the right people receive what's owed to them. You can choose whoever you like to be the executor of your estate, and a lot of people often select a family member or close friend.

Looking after an estate can be a time-consuming process, as well as mentally and emotionally exhausting. There are many laws to consider and several individuals/organisations to contact before the estate can be settles successfully. But worst of all, estate management is a task made especially difficult by the emotional baggage that accompanies it. Many family-appointed executors find handling a deceased person's estate intensely problematic, especially if they were particularly close to the individual in question. This is where Damsons can help.

We can step in to act as administrators of your estate, absolving your loved ones of responsibility, pressure and distress. By selecting Damsons to be your estate administrator, your loved ones can spend their time supporting one another whilst we handle the distribution of assets, tax issues and legal matters.

What is the difference between Probate and Estate Administration?

Probate refers to the Grant of Probate, which is required by law in order to carry out wishes in someone's Will after they have passed away.

Estate administration is the process of dealing with someone's legal and tax affairs after they have died.

Damsons Estate Administration can...

Register the death & locate the Will document
Ensure payment of any outstanding tax
Submit all necessary legal documents & paperwork
Ensure the requests made in the Will are followed
Obtain a Grant of Probate from the court
Handle, sell and/or pass property
Prepare estate accounts & record what has happened
Offer professional support & compassionate advice

Everything you need to know

By naming Damsons as the official executor of your estate, you put us in charge of your assets when you pass away. Our background and specialist knowledge guarantees all your wishes and desires will be carried out professionally and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you have been chosen by a loved one to be the executor of their estate, you have the option to pass on these duties to Damsons at any time. In many cases, estate administration is demanding and intense enough to put a person under serious pressure, and handing over some (or all) of these tasks to Damsons will provide you with substantial relief.

Advice and Support

For more information on our estate administration service, please complete our callback form, or call our Customer Support department on 0800 088 4670 between 9:00am and 7:00pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am to 6:00pm on Fridays.

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Can I pass on my responsibilities?

Yes! If you have been chosen to be someone's executor, but don't feel that you can manage that responsibility, we are able to manage the estate for you.

Estate Administration is emotional and time consuming, and we want to be able to minimise your stress by offering an efficient and professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Administration

What is an executor?

For many people, the main concern is that the wishes in their Will are carried out correctly. We make sure that everything you have stated goes to the right person, and that they are treated with care and sensitivity.

How long does it take to administer an estate?

Every person‘s estate is different, therefore it is difficult to say just how long it will take, especially when you take into account whether the person has property that must be sold.

Although the process can be a long one, using a professional service like Damsons Estate Administration can help speed things up as the relevant knowledge and experience is already at hand.

I have been appointed an executor, can I use your service?

Yes, whether you would just like some help with the process or would like the work taking off your hands completely. Visit our Being An Executor article to learn more about your role, and how we can help.

What is probate?

Probate is the authority to deal with somebody’s estate once they have passed away, and it is needed before the wishes in a Will can be carried out. A Grant of Probate, or Grant of Letters of Administration, is the document that must be applied for to get this right. To learn more about probate, and how we can help, please visit our Probate page.

What fee does Damsons Estate Administration charge?

There is only one fixed fee, there are no hidden charges or prices. Our fee is either 3% of the estate or a minimum of £1500 – this is charged after death. For a full list of prices, please visit our prices page.

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