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Don’t end up on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Protect your legacy with a future plan

The Jeremy Kyle Show is well-known for its vitriolic nature, with a typical episode involving family feuds, broken relationships, and hotly disputed lie detector/DNA test results. Those who agree to appear on the British morning “trash tv” show do so when they are in need of answers and require someone impartial (“Jezza”) to make a decision for them. Without the right procedures in place for your death, there’s always the chance you could find yourself the subject of similarly fiery confrontation.

Here, we look at five legacy-damaging disputes that have happened on The Jeremy Kyle Show stage – all of which could have been avoided if future plans had been put in place.

Family at war over ouija board accusations

In February 2016, the infamous ‘My dead dad told me through a ouija board that my sister stole our inheritance‘ aired, igniting a family feud over a missing £25K heritage fund. During the episode, a woman explained to Jeremy Kyle that she could no longer ignore the messages from the spirit world and wanted her sister to take a lie detector test. However, the accused sister was unable to take the test due to medical reasons, which fanned the flames further.

Of course, a future plan cannot prevent your relatives from contacting the dead, but a written will that details your final wishes with an elected trustee that you can TRUST can prevent such family quarrels.

Couple accused of spending son’s inheritance

A couple was accused of spending their son’s inheritance on the episode “You’re a serial cheat – is our 19-year son even mine?” that aired in May 2016. A family argued over their father’s new relationship, claiming he was withholding his son’s inheritance because his new partner had wanted it. The son even went as far as accusing his father’s partner of faking cancer (the reason she couldn’t take the lie detector test). However, she denied both accusations, leaving the father to choose between his partner and his children.

This was another example of an inheritance story turning sour. Although a written will was in place in this instance, the trustee was unfortunately not credible. Unreliable relatives can cause problems, and we can advise you on how to make the right decisions when writing your will.

Half-siblings fight over inheritance money

The “My dad banned you from his funeral – I hope you’re not my brother!” episode aired in March 2016, showcasing a family feud that was so fierce the presenter couldn’t get a word in. Four half-siblings bickered over their father and his love. Claims surfaced that the estranged siblings had surfaced to stake a claim in sharing the inheritance money. After Jeremy Kyle confirmed all siblings were in fact offspring of the deceased, one guest declared “why didn’t you tell me about his funeral? You didn’t want me there, why? He’s my dad as well!” Another stated that their dad must be ‘turning in his grave’ due to this verbal war.

A prepaid funeral plan will ensure all your funeral wishes (including attendees) are carried out exactly how YOU want.

Son blamed for stealing father’s funeral money

During April 2016, “I’ll prove I didn’t steal my dad’s funeral money!” aired. The episode followed a man who strongly denied his family’s accusations that he stole £3,000 to pay for his father’s funeral. The man had refused to do a lie detector, but in a strange turn of events brought his new girlfriend of five days on the stage and asked for her hand in marriage. This left family members to ponder where he got the money for the engagement ring on such short notice.

We can’t stop your loved ones from making such rash decisions about their love lives, but we can ensure they’re protected from the financial and emotional worries that come with organising a funeral with a prepaid funeral plan!

Dead guest ashes argued over on show

In what could be the strangest story yet, a dead Jeremy Kyle guest’s ashes was brought onto the show by her daughter-in-law in “You refused to visit your dying mother… her ashes are staying with me!” during October 2015. The deceased was a familiar character on the show, having appeared a couple of times before with her daughter who was constantly at war. The deceased daughter and daughter-in-law argued over the ashes on the show. The daughter-in-law also accused the deceased’s daughter of putting her mother in an early grave, and that was the reason she wasn’t made aware of the funeral.

We can’t stop your loved ones from parading your ashes on a TV show, but with a funeral plan we can make it clear where you want your resting place to be, which ought to prevent such shenanigans from happening.


Although we didn’t have the opportunity to prevent these families from turning to Jeremy Kyle for resolutions, we can help you and your family. Protect your legacy by calling us on 0800 088 4670 and start arranging your future planning today!

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