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Funeral Plans | 1st February 2017

Dying Has Never Been So Expensive!

In the last few years funerals have evolved. The traditional sombre affair is changing. More and more people want others to celebrate their life rather than focus on their death. Over one-quarter of Brits would ditch the traditional funeral in favour of a celebration. A further 9% say they would even consider a DJ or live band at their funeral.

It’s not only the mind-set that is changing it’s also the development of funeral choices. Woodland burials are up by 9%, sea and home burials are up by 3%. There are many factors that have led to this. One being the environment, 1 in 5 people want a funeral that doesn’t impact on the Earth. Another being religion, according to Vexen there are over 170 different faiths in the UK each viewing death differently. A further 48% of people don’t follow a religion which conflicts with the traditional British church service. These combined factors have led to a demand for funerals that suit different faiths and lifestyles.

In the last decade goodbyes to loved ones have become less formal in a means to reflect the deceased personality. Perceptions are changing, celebrations of life are increasing. Yet only 6% of millennials and over 65s have actually made a prepaid funeral plan. Funeral plans are essential, especially if you want a funeral representing your beliefs and carries out your final wishes.

Prepaid Funeral Plans: An Investment for Life

Although people’s attitudes towards death are evolving death is still considered a taboo subject. Many of the facts surrounding funeral planning and costs are vague. Planning a funeral whilst grieving can be highly distressing. Even more so if costs are higher that expected.

It’s a grim thought but with funerals costs soaring a funeral plan is a valuable investment. Not only does it carry out your affairs it also protects your family.

According to the report ‘Cost of Death,’ conducted by Sun Life, on average a funeral in 2016 costs a whopping £3,897.

Naturally funeral costs vary depending on the type of funeral you want but even orthodox funeral choices can be expensive. In the UK the 74% said they would opt for a cremation service, closely followed by a burial service, but, how much does it actually cost?

Research from the Money Advice Service found that the average cost of a cremation service in 2016 was £3,214 and for a burial service it was on average £4,136. Almost a grand dearer than cremation.

What’s most worrying is that those figures don’t include additional services that you may require. On top of those prices you have to consider the cost of headstones, plaques, limousine and car hire, flowers, catering and the room hire for a wake or memorial service if desired.

When it comes to thinking about funerals the main focus is on what type of funeral to have and where to hold it. However the hidden costs can prove to make a very expensive death.

The Funeral Costs Help Guide breaks down the individual costs for various services. Services that you may have overlooked or not considered when planning a funeral. For instance, gravestones on average can cost between £800-£1200 pounds while Ash Plots costs around £450. A standard or basic floral arrangement costs around £100-£150, car hire up to £200 and catering for 30 people costs £320.

Looking at those figures a cremation service with catering, venue, transport and legal documents would cost up to:

Service Price
Cremation £3,214
Ash Plot £450
Limousine or Hearse Hire £275
Funeral Notice £62
Obituary £66
Urn £30+
Death Certificate £10
Catering £327
Venue Hire £192
Flowers £120
Total £4,746

Dying is expensive and a funeral requires quick planning as most funerals take place within a week or two after death. A funeral plan keeps costs low and take care of the entire day. Your family don’t have to organise or plan anything which gives them time they need to grieve.

Research found that Damsons Future Planning offers high quality and affordable plans that carries a caring tone with a genuine feel of helping the bereaved. Plus if you require any extra features such as cars or flowers, Damsons will provide those services for a small fee. Options also include a horse-drawn carriage, any extra ministers for the service, white doves, an obituary notice or extra limousines if required.

Considering all the information, the prices and the process of planning a funeral, can you afford not to have a funeral plan in place?

Don’t DIY It. Funeral Plan It.

In a bid to keep their family out of debt as funeral costs rise, more people are opting for funeral plans. In the last 14 years the amount of prepaid funeral plans being taken out has more than doubled according to the Funeral Planning Authority.

An investigation by The Guardian found that 100,000 out of 500,000 families struggled to afford the costs of funerals. Some families even had to resort to DIY funerals.  A funeral that meant families had to burying their loved ones in their own back garden in order to avoid debt.

While people are dubious about committing to a funeral plan the actual costs of a funeral are soaring to the point of in affordability. In the UK, 49% of people said they don’t think about death or have contemplated taking out a funeral plan.

What is often overlooked is the importance of a prepaid funeral plan, in reality a funeral plan is a long term investment. An investment that will ultimately protect your family during a tough period.

The plans aren’t restrictive or force you into a decision. They come with varied options that cover the costs of how you want your funeral procession to go. You also have the option to personalise your plan to incorporate your wishes and ideologies.

Affordable Prepaid Funeral Plans for You

Damsons prepaid funeral plans come with the highest quality of service and they are affordable. Every detail is carried out with care in order to ease the pain of your loved ones. Options range from the practical plan of £28.74 to the plus plan of £49.56 per month with each package open to your requests.

The different plans allow you to go into as much detail as you wish. This can include planning a funeral that covers the essentials to completely having the entire funeral planned with costs covered.

Higher end plans include more services such as high-quality coffins, car and hearse hire, flowers, obituary and funeral staff. All of which is organised and carried out by Damsons.

Paying out a fixed amount each month puts your mind at ease. It protects your family without having to pay an excessive amount of money. A plan takes care of the costs meaning your loved ones can give you send-off that you deserve.

Worryingly only 5% of people in the UK have a formal plan in place. Ensure you are covered, ensure your family is protected and put your mind at ease. All it takes is simply taking out a prepaid funeral plan.

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